About Us

Lovino cannot be defined, literally. The word was created by my wife Erica to combine two things that bring joy to her world, love and wine.

We created our sangria for people that find happiness in the precious moments that life offers such as sitting in your backyard, grilling out with great friends and enjoying a delicious beverage. It all started when we started looking for sangria that tasted as good as what we made at home.

After months and months of arduous development (oh, who am I kidding? The product development phase was the best part) we are confident that we’re bringing you sangria that does not compromise our expectations in regards to quality. I think that you will look forward to enjoying the strong body of the wine along with the slight fruit flavors as much as we do.

I hope that our sangria adds a nice accent to the next event that you have with your friends and family.

-Jamie Zdroik